Saturday, February 12, 2011


I am tempted to post a video of the Swan Station Orientation Film.  heh  Alas, the LOST ship has sailed, so let's move on to orientation in Paris.

When you're in the thick of things, it's hard to imagine how other people imagine and interpret your words.  I've talked about Rue de la Convention and Rue de Vaugirard and there are photos from previous posts, but they're from before we moved into the apartment, so perhaps a little perspective is in order.

First  - this is the view from our living room window.  It is early in the morning, Ron has just left for work and has disappeared down into the metro station.

Our busy corner

You can see the Boulangerie with the dark blue facade that is featured in a previous post.  Since our apartment building and the Boulangerie both occupy corner spaces, we pretty much face each other.  

This is the same corner but looking down Rue de la Convention a little more on a day without the street market:

Again, the same corner, but this is the view from the bedroom window, and on Street Market Tuesday:
Notice the diminished sidewalk and the market awnings
 These are the views from the window nearest the toilette:

Looking up Rue de Vaugirard - again you can see the boulangerie
To the left of Rue de Vaugirard - our balcony is on the left of the photo, straight ahead is the metro station, behind and to the left of the metro station is the movie theater
And right under us is Dupont Cafe - the awning is drawn back because it is a nice day!
These are the main views from our apartment and to us they are quintessential Paris.  Sure, there are quieter streets to live on, but we are adventurous and obviously open to extremes!  This corner isn't anything like the suburbs in Orange County, and it is the exact opposite of our mountain retreat.  First off, there are no deer here.  Not in the city anyway!  Secondly, there is near constant street noise, but with double-paned windows it is just background noise and I like it.  And thirdly, at night, it is never quite dark in our apartment.  The City of Lights doesn't disappoint.  There are street lights, neon lights and flashing neon lights! The drapes in the living room and bedroom shut out the light, but the rest of it is kind of nice -they're built in night lights.  We welcome the night lights when making our way to the opposite end of the apartment at 3:00 am!

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