Monday, January 10, 2011


The two days leading up to Ron's departure were bittersweet.  I was consumed with making sure he would have everything he needed and spending time together before being separated for several weeks and yet the excitement of jetting off to Paris was undeniable. 

The laundry was done, most everything was packed in two huge suitcases, one carry on and a laptop bag.  There were some clothing items that needed to be picked up and packed on Monday, but despite our chaotic methodology, things had fallen neatly into place.  We even had time to chill Sunday night and watch a movie!

Ron wanted one last Original House of Pancakes breakfast before we left.  So we had a nice leisurely breakfast and made more lists on the back of napkins.  We picked up the tailored clothing and went home for the final packing.  There were lots of things that we wanted to do before Ron left, but they ended up as things for me to do before I leave.  We prioritized and made sure if it was something Ron had to do, he did it.  Everything else could wait.  

We set off for the airport and had plenty of time for check-in and such.  I was worried about Ron's flight - he was flying Air France, a partner to Delta Air Lines.  Most of Delta's flights had stops in the southeast and those flights were canceled due to ice and snow! See?  Probable doesn't always mean reality.  You never know what cosmic event will conspire to impose that 0.05%!   

It all worked out fine - the flight was on time, Ron got checked in, bags through security and the small matter of $155 for the extra overweight bag were all handled quickly and smoothly.  We allowed plenty of time, so we walked down to the International Terminal and had lunch/dinner together.  By the time we walked back to Terminal 2, it was time for Ron to go through security and board his flight.  I drove home, but once he was through security Ron called and we chatted one last time via cell phone and then he was off! 

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